• Mumbai0812 by jaimind

    At the lobby of Courtyard Marriott Mumbai very well structured property with great ambience and top of the line service. Delicious food with hospitality at its best.

  • vacation by chin2

  • vacation by chin2

  • vacation by chin2

  • Nice stay at Queens by lacosteboy

    at the lobby with cuttingedge, and my relatives!

  • Great experience only with GTC! by cuttingedge

    What a wonderful vacation in Boracay! Thanks to GTC, it's really worth it. The room is so spacious. The place is absolutely infront of the beach. I really enjoyed my vacation!

  • Family @ The B Hotel by milca

    GTC was amazing! Though notifications weren't received on time and thought things wouldn't be possible, all turned out to be a complete and awesome vacation for my family. My son's birthday celebration at The B Hotel was a really fun experience for all of us. We'd be delighted to get another package. It's really worth the wait. Thank you so much and God bless GTC!

  • Vacation at Eurotel Manila by dlanmad1

    Thank you GTC for a wonderful vacation, birthday and anniversary celebrations at Eurotel Manila. Although our booking was tight, you still managed to booked us on time. Thank you very much and more power!

  • Stay in Legend Villa (Mandaluyong, Pasig City) by gemma

    Our stay in Legend Villa was a memorable one cause the service was great and the hotel itself is clean and the breakfast was perfect. I would recommend GTC to all people who love to travel anywhere in the world.

  • My Mother's Day Gift in Davao by LADYDRAGON

    It's a really a wonderful gift to my Mom in Mother's Day time that for my entire lfe this is my 1st time that I bond with her in this wonderful hotel accomodation & of course this is my bonding with my classmates that for 15 yrs.we never see each other & bonding my leaders in my Davao network. Thank you GTC you made my dreams real!!!More Power To you GTC!!! TESS(Lady Dragon)

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